B: yellow and green and wire fences

Disturbed earth on a construction site explodes with new plant life after a year or so if left alone. Tough weedy plants with red, purple and yellow flowers eventually teem vigorously from the broken ground. I've been visiting these sites long enough to have noticed they are a common feature, and always feel drawn to them.

 I took a lot of photos today of the plants on the western edge of site B. Something will be built on this spot eventually or it will be tarmaced, so they won't be around another year, I expect.

I have a ridiculously positive memory of photographing the high embankments that were previously along here, and it was a thrill being reminded.

Afterward on the ride home I stopped at Sainsburys and got a quiche made with cheese that had been matured in a Welsh slate cavern, encrusted with seeds.