Richard Ansett: Andrew Paul Gilligan, 2010

Ansett: "I had arranged to meet Gilligan outside an East London Mosque but he didn't show. I called him a few times and eventually he picked up and explained that he had the flu and wouldn't be able to make it. The client needed something to go to press with the next day so I asked him if I could pop over to his house and grab a quick headshot. When I arrived I was greeted with this chaotic mess of sugary drinks bottles, sweet wrappers, books and newspapers strewn over his lounge. This would never have been exposed if the shoot had been arranged with any notice. In the corner of the frame is a book titled 'The Country Formerly known as Great Britain' by Ian Jack. I was struck by how important he had been in the terrible story of Dr David Kelly and the final downfall of the then Labour government."

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