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Carrie Fisher's face

The Myth of the U.N. Creation of Israel: Jeremy R. Hammond

Palestine and the UN vote

English Landscape in the Autumn

1918-2016 war with Russia

Banner for Gen. Stoltenberg

Bob Dylan plays for a fan

A photo of a corner, in a corner, (from gig photos era)

Annie Collette, (gig photos)

Richard Estes: Hotel Empire, 1987

Lucas Blalock: Scenario for Barter, 2011

Heloise Letissier

Fiona Apple: Across the Universe

Stoltenberg banner

Stoltenberg, in red, white. blue and black

Stoltenberg, black and red

site B, new build houses through trees

earthworks, from below


wall, fences

Site B: sky

Nato, (inverted red and black)

Nato, red and black

Nato. (font: Tannenberg Fett)

Linda Ronstadt: The River, (by Joni Mitchell)