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pink bucket

garage with window

Some sort of Friedlande/Becher combo


silent face

Colin Kaepernick: remaining seated for the US anthem, 2016

Freeport Bakery: Ken doll cake

paintings on glass

found paintings

North Sea coast

the light from proxima centauri

sunset with four vertical lines

verticals horizontal

shadow and sand

after a dream

Hande Kadar

Previous interior #2 c.2014

Previous interior #1 c.2014

I thought it said 25th of November, but it was in fact 25th of October

Attawapiskat, Canada

Lynda Koolish: Elsa Gidlow, 1974

Chris Shaw and Cindy Sherman

Andew G Hobbs: Andreja Pejic

Uncertain States: publication open submission

Human Interest @ Whitney

Leonard Cohen: So Long, Marianne, (1967)

László Moholy-Nagy, (1895-1946)