fence site b, #3

I woke up thinking of a name for the two long-term series of pictures that I do, 'The New Houses'. It's only been six years, I might come up with a better one before ten.  New project, site c, being the landscape around a military airbase is off at a tangent to that anyways.

One of my preoccupations/obsessions when I used to photograph at site a week after week, was often the perimeter fence along the west side. (That seems such a long time ago.) Arriving at site b today and, as always, out of inspiration, I sort off walking along the fence taking a picture every ten paces with a little point and shot, then another lap this time taking a photo every three paces, a bit closer, then later on as the sun was dipping low, one more sequence with the Sigma DP2M.

The fence is a similar length to the one at a (or rather 'ones' as it changed several times over the years), maybe 150 metres.