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Dis-used land

There is a quality to patches of land that have been abandoned.  No-one hardly ever visits them, there's no reason to, they serve no function.  Ocassionally stray kids, with little or no money to be doing something more fun, end up exploring them while passing through to somewhere potentially slightly more interesting, picking and kicking at the debris of past use. But while largely overlooked I think these places are as meaningful and affecting as any grand vista that nature offers - landscapes in a minor key.  No grandeur or drama or pastoral prettiness, they are worn-out, neglected, having become seemingly purposeless. Bleached of minerals, polluted and usually parched they are left to die-off or otherwise. Yet while having no apparent future, be it residential, commericial, industrial, leisure use these places bounce back, an actively renewing eco-system develops which seems anti-human rather than simply post-human.