Crash landing on the Moon

A bank holiday Monday is a free pass for tresspass so it was back to site B this afternoon for the second successive day, and by the time I got there the light was better, too. I still felt edgey though and even noticed after an hour and a half that I sort of hold my breath all the time, sort of breathing in a shallow way.  That's as well as constantly checking and adjusting the camera exposure, avoiding (more by luck) not stepping on anything pointy embedded in the ground that will go straight through the sole of my boot, not carelessly falling into a hole or when down in a hole not dislodging anything to cause it to collapse on to me, and, occasionally (probably not enough) keeping an eye out for someone turning uphaving been alerted to my presence - there's a lot of high-value plant around as well as much construction material as in a builder's merchants.  The sounds of police sirens approaching (and then passing) and the occasional inexplicable thump or thud in the vicinity always adds to the background tension.  As a way to spend a bank holiday it's probably not as relaxing as going for a cycle ride and having a picnic overlooking the river and watching the baby ducklings.

When I got home I was about to getting ready to have a wash (my feet et caked in grime from boots getting full of grit and dirt) and noticed on the river outside two ducks with six unbelievably small brown ducklings surrounding them.  The adults didn't seem to know how to cope with the six offspring who were whizzing about in all directions, like crazy mosquitos, always almost colliding with them and each other, scattering , returning, still crazed by having been alive for maybe only a day or two.  They looked unbelievably defenceless, and out of breath.