before entering the hole

At big construction sites there are always huge piles of stuff lying around; hardcore, earth, rubble, debris.  Some of theser are massive, the size of a hill.  I like looking at them and take pictures of them but hardly ever feel inclined to climb to the top and survey the view from on high.  But on the other hand whenever I come across a deep excavation I always make my way down into it.  Nothing pre-planned about going down into them to try and get a particular point of view or anything, it's just an inevitable response.

I'm reading Haruki Murakami's 'Norwegian Wood' at the mo and have been remembering 'Wind Up Bird Chronicle' which I read a decade or so ago.  The first half recounts in tremendous detail the banal existance of a man who has been abandoned first by his cat and then by his wife, as life unwinds, and he is swept along by the push and pull of chance encounters.  One of the most vivid details is of him spending increasingly more time at the bottom of a dried up well he has discovered in his suburban neighbourhood.