FENCE, the final hurdle - GramaldiGavin sub

The big boxed book thing is back.  I had finished printing it up several weeks ago and with the little bit of ink left in the cartridges knocked out one 44 page section to send to Grimaldi Gallery (I had always enjoyed their shows when I used to get down to London regularly).  Even though I very much doubt they would welcome random submissions I had started work on a covering letter to go with it.

The first draft probably only took a couple of hours.  Subsequent re-writes occupied me for an hour or two most of the subsequent evenings for a week and then I set it aside and only very occasionally had another go since then.  Until today. Today I put in a five hour shift, attempting to shift it from rambling, incoherent rubbish to concise, articlate rubbish.  I used a massive font and filled TWO PAGES and included a photo as a covering image to make it THREE PAGES IN TOTAL.

The printer made it through two of those pages and then - the only time this has ever happened - completely packed in on me.  No USB connectivity, no indicator lights, no power, nothing.  I felt it was trying to tell me something at the very last minute, like 'don't bother, save the postage and avoid the inevitable humiliation of rejection'.  After fifteen minutes of sulking (both of us) it lit up and produced the very last final page. Thank you, Epson Stylus Photo 830U.