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this could get messy

small breaks in the trees


zwei Bäumen in einem Wald gesehen

tree line

Zackary Drucker and Rhys Ernst: Relationship

Small: still the new big

Leigh Ledare: An Invitation

Site B

Site B

Site B

The Econmist: Boyat, girls who dress like boys in the Middle East

Harry Callahan: Eleanor, Barbara and Chicago

sneaking in to site B

Richard Ansett: from series 'Woman with Angels' from The Big Society

leaves, shadow

hose, track

trees, scrape


James Kalm: Whitney Biennial, 2014

Site B obscured by trees: April 2014

Pascal Pinon: Bloom

Paul D'Amato: We Shall


John Eppridge: John Lennon on the train to New York after the Beatles' concert at Washington Coliseum, Feb. 11, 1964

Nelly Furtado: Hey Man

Alanis Morissette: Hand In My Pocket

Valeria Lukyanova 'living barbie doll'

shadow boxing


follow through


Lucas Foglia: Tommy Trying to Shoot Coyotes, Big Springs Ranch, Oasis, Nevada 2012

Berenice Abbot (1898-1991): Wiring an early IBM computer

edge of town

from behind the baseline

Matt Connors: Untitled, 2013