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the temporary forms of things

Alanis Morissette: Isn't it Ironic

Andy Warhol: Self-Portrait in Drag, 1981

Ulrike Rosenbach: Art is a criminal action II, 1969/2008

All the books I've ever read

accessory 2

dark materials

That perigee feeling

Super full moon over construction site

Andreas Gursky: Untitled 1 (Carpet), 1993 ($173,000)

Ruud van Empel: World #16, 2006 ($43,750)

Evening light

The New Jeff Koons

Interior exterior

Accessory confidence

Claire Aho (b. 1925, Finland)

Richard Ansett/ Uncertain States

Charity shop dress/someone else's home

Russian doll


Teri Fullerton: SKY

Richard Ansett

Stephen Hawking boycotts Israel

Russian kindness

Bobby Abrahamson: North Portland Polaroids


Garry Winogrand


Cheap white trash