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Talking at Tenderpixel

I can just about manage a conversation with one other person at the best of times - so being asked to talk about my photography to 'random people', while stood at the front, saying stuff,  - well I was a bit worried.  I mumble so no-one was likely to hear me and after three sentences I anticipated my voice to go completely anyway (it happens occasionally) but being priviliged to have been included in a show meant it would be a mega-fail to say no to the invitation to speak.

Last week I watched a DVD on how to do public speaking.  It said it's normal to be scared.  So that was OK then.

I made a 15 minute DVD of video clips and stills a few days before so there would at least be something to distract people with as I melted into a puddle of ineptness on the floor.  And the evening before I rehearsed.  Several times.  Until I nearly lost my voice. 

Richard Ansett, loving curator, and marvellous Liam and Etan and Stella at the gallery were all terrific, professional and supportive - it was so very reassuring to work with them.  As they had to also enable Grace Brown to deliver her talk on 'Project Unbreakable' (and answer questions) in New York they had their hands full but it went so well.

Here's me cheating using notes, and looking serious when answering questions.