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Fade-insistent inks/anti-value

I don't know if there is much of a market for anti-archival inks for home photo printing but I'm interested.  I'd like ink which is carefully designed to have very limited stability and which will quickly colour shift badly (across various hues, ideally) before then fading in a few days to next to nothing, just a smudge, an indistinct trace in, ooh, say 26 weeks.  Give or take an hour or two.

My fridge freezer was looking bare, down to a 50 gm of cheese in one half and three-quarters of a packet of frozen mixed veg in the other, so I gave in and went to the supermarket after work, camera obligitory and packed in the morning.  I even managed to remember to actually get some food this time and as security only swept by as I was on my way to the till and had pocketed the ultra compact there was no need even for some rambling justification or other.