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Yes and No

Big news of the day belongs to someone else - yay!

I had planned to do a little 20 page blurb book today but after half an hour attempting to edit shots last night I gave up.  Still virus-y but the weather was mild so I grabbed cameras and motorbiked out of town.  There is a massive development about five miles away but the security guard, ignorance personified, said 'No', just that.  Saying 'no' is fine, but like most things in life, there's more than one way to do it.  I think it bugged him that I shot around the perimeter fence but there was nothing he could do about that.  The site has cleared a lot of trees since I was last there and in the far distance I can see heavy plant so there is a massive obliteration of greenfield land happening.  Once gone it ain't ever coming back.

I took a few dozen frames then biked off to the foundry site that was demolished and cleared in the summer, I've been curious if building had begun yet and what it looked like, there's room for several hundred new homes - brownfield site (probably highly contaminated after a century of heavy industrial use.)  Nope, nothing there just puddles and seagulls.  They took to the air and left just on the rustle of me opening my camera case!  I spent a few hours photographing micro debris.  The idea of 'Unbecoming' appealed to me - how objects can lose their purpose and are left to themselves, to un-become.  Also the lack of recognizability was interesting.  Ideas I feel are applicable to a project on having a psychological movement from masculine to feminine.  How things can be neither one thing or another, some other thing, not identifiable.

It was one of those shoots that at the time feels like it has potential but there's also the awareness that it's highly likely to be valueless on reflection.