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Frame choosing

Being indecisive means postponing even trivial decisions like foreverrr.  Rrrr.  Well at least as long as possible.  Ble.

Today though I sort of made an impulse buy - and it only took a mere 25 minutes prevarication.  I'd gone to get some hardware supplies but the shop also stocked homewares like picture frames.  If the editors at Uncertain States manage to finalise an exhibition space in a coffee shop in Highgate, North London before Christmas (as is/was their plan) I might get the opportunity to put up a few prints.  So, I might need frames.  I don't know if my own frames would be needed or not but I have been thinking I might need to be prepared and source them in readiness.  And frames say a lot.  Cue indecision.  Ish.

BUT, amazing for me, I did make a decision - largely influenced by the store's returns policy which means I get 28 days to change my mind - that was decisive to help with my indecisiveness so well done their marketing department.  The frames are silver and 'fussy' and  felt quite substantial in my hands - 14" x 11" (image size 30 x 20 cm using the mount) - but now they look quite small when I've got them home.  As I don't have prints I've photoshopped a recent shot in to see what they might look like when used.  I'd be intending to show them as diptychs, and putting in a topographics shot to pair the self-portraits up with.

'What the neighbours think'