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Managed to sort my brakes enough to get the DT125R back on the road today (very old, tatty trail bike).  Similar cloudy/sunny conditions to last time I went to Lincoln Castings demolition site.  I didn't take a chance with sunburn today and put on  suncream and brought a long sleeved white shirt to put on when I got there.  I ended up snifling a lot while there due to an allergic reaction, not to the various corrosive and toxic chemicals that taint the site - but to the suncream on my face.  Damn.

First thing that struck me was how the frontage buildings were now reduced to rubble, in fact there was very little left standing and I occasionally saw some debris that had previously been intact, which felt oddly sad in some existential way.  Sneaked in through a part of the fence round the back of the site, up a steep bank full of nettles.  On the ride over I was wondering what 'normal' people are doing on a sunny Sunday in July - shopping, socialising, going to eat somewhere, watching TV?  I was definitely up for what I was doing - it might be totally inconsequential but it means something to me right now.

I shot for about three hours, a thousand images (with two cameras) . The light was overcast and less interesting for a lot of it.  There won't be much left to see here in a few weeks, just a cleared site so it was my second and almost certainly last visit there.

Editing phobia continues.  If it's a new shoot it feels OK, that's all.