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John Divola jumping

I only joined instagram six months ago to follow John Divola. He's a long-time, well respected name in art photography but his seeming failure to make it to the really big bucks top tier of the likes of Cindy Sherman and Jeff Wall may be down to the fact that however hybrid his practice it usually looks a bit cheap and cheerful rather than high-art collectable. To me that makes it far, far more engaging.

Warzone photography near my home town

Priced super-high now so no-one will feel obliged to buy it, but on sale at Blurb so you can go look if you want -English Hedgerows in the Autumn - it's hedges, lots of hedges. I've been banging on about them for five years, I'll stop now.

Mack First Book Award 2020 shortlist

Obviously there must have been a mix up as my 432 page book of photographs of hedgerows failed to make the Mack First Book Award 2020 shortlist.

FIRST BOOK AWARD 2020 SHORTLIST From nearly six hundred fantastic submissions, we are pleased to announce our 10 shortlisted books for this year's First Book Award. Thank you to everyone who submitted. We were truly blown away by the imagination and high standard of the entries this year. The winner will be announced at Photo London in May alongside an exhibition of the shortlisted books.  The jury this year was comprised of Jörg Colberg, Ellis Jones, Joanna Piotrowska, Polly Fleury and Michael Mack. Andrea Alessandrini
Piccola Russia Marta Bogdanska
SHIFTERS Maria Dabrowski

O "Fly On" - Coldplay