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Myoung ho Lee: Tree...#8, 2016, From the series Tree Abroad

Collectordaily review

Yossi Millo gallery

spare room, blurred, northfleet

lone swimmer

mirror, Travelodge

Hotel room, Bristol

Disused building, Weston-super-Mare

self voyeur-ing

Christopher Wool: Westtexaspsychosculpture

collectordaily review

Source: GETTY: China's Comsumption of Coal

CITY A.M.: Mining stocks edge lower on weaker than expected China trade figures

James W. Bagley: Town of Hyder, Alaska (c.1910-1932)

1910-1932 U.S. Geological Survey exhibition
BBC report:

Archivist Richard Schneider talks about the moment when he realised that among the surviving 52,000 negatives were numerous multi-frame panoramic views.