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Carrie Fisher's face

Quality graphic design for Carrie Fisher's book cover. Apart from the clever typography I really like the colour AND best of all the daring crop of the face.

The Myth of the U.N. Creation of Israel: Jeremy R. Hammond

FPJ article examining the UN's deliberations on the idea of partition of Palestine in 1947 which were seized upon as a justification for Israel to illegally seize land and declare itself a state, an act immediately supported by the US.

As the unjust 'settlement' imposed on Germany after WWI laid the seeds for WWII, similar treatment of Palestine made inevitable the ongoing conflict between the West and the Arab world.

Palestine and the UN vote

Long ago President Obama promised much to the Arab world and at the time some even believed he could deliver, but it turned out to be business as usual. Today was his parting gift; not veto-ing a UN resolution critical of Israel's settlements on Palestinian land. He's about to leave office and the Democrats no longer hold any of the levers of power so the impact will be minimal beyond the short term. If there was ever a time to do the right thing for once while incurring the inevitable fury of the Israel lobby it was now. In reality it's many years too late and means nothing, but even so it is one of those very rare moments in politics it's hard to be totally cynical about.

English Landscape in the Autumn

Hedgerow alongside local military airbase

1918-2016 war with Russia

The first war on Russia by Britain and the US after WW1

Banner for Gen. Stoltenberg

European Council on Foreign Relations report on Nato Enlargement, July 2016

Bob Dylan plays for a fan

A photo of a corner, in a corner, (from gig photos era)

Annie Collette, (gig photos)

Richard Estes: Hotel Empire, 1987

Lucas Blalock: Scenario for Barter, 2011

108 Lucas Blalock Scenario for Barter
Estimate £1,000 - 2,000
Sold for £2,500

Heloise Letissier

BBC interview

Fiona Apple: Across the Universe

Fiona Apple (born September 13, 1977)

Stoltenberg banner

Stoltenberg, in red, white. blue and black

Stoltenberg, black and red

site B, new build houses through trees

earthworks, from below


wall, fences

Site B: sky

Nato, (inverted red and black)

Nato, red and black

Nato. (font: Tannenberg Fett)

Linda Ronstadt: The River, (by Joni Mitchell)