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pink bucket

garage with window

Some sort of Friedlande/Becher combo

Lee Friedlander's America by Car & Bernd and Hilla Becher's Water Towers


silent face

Colin Kaepernick: remaining seated for the US anthem, 2016

link -  (Kaepernick wearing number 7 shirt)

Freeport Bakery: Ken doll cake

paintings on glass

found paintings

North Sea coast

the light from proxima centauri

sunset with four vertical lines

verticals horizontal

shadow and sand

after a dream

Hande Kadar

Previous interior #2 c.2014

Previous interior #1 c.2014

I thought it said 25th of November, but it was in fact 25th of October

Attawapiskat, Canada

From BBC website: Last October 13-year-old girl, Sheridan Hookimaw, headed to the rubbish dump and hanged herself. Since then more than 100 of Attawapiskat's 2,000 First Nation people, most of them teenagers, but one just 11 years old, have attempted suicide. 

Lynda Koolish: Elsa Gidlow, 1974

Elsa Gidlow at a Country Women festival, Mendocino Woodlands, 1974. Photographed by Lynda Koolish. She told Josephine Withers: "It violates every photographic rule there is. One, I used Tri-X film [a fast, grainy film] in bright daylight. Two, I photographed a very old person using very harsh light. Everything you're not supposed to do. And there it was, she was so lovely." 

Chris Shaw and Cindy Sherman

Retrospecting Sandy Hill - Chris Shaw: "While studying photography at a local art college in 1987, I discovered this place. I felt alienated from my fellow students, but found a home on the Sandy Hill Estate. Over the next three years I gave people photo prints which led to more pictures - the camera was an excuse really. I liked talking to ‘normal’ people. Obviously they were obsessed with cars and bikes - they were ‘normal’ to me." 

Interview with Robert Longo: People know you as an extremely accessible, kind, and graceful artist. But what or who really gets you angry, and does any of it play itself out in your artwork?
Cindy Sherman: Inconsiderate, rude behavior drives me nuts. And I guess the inconsiderate rudeness of social ineptitude definitely fuels my work. 

Andew G Hobbs: Andreja Pejic

Uncertain States: publication open submission

Human Interest @ Whitney

collectordaily review

Leonard Cohen: So Long, Marianne, (1967)

Marianne Ihlen, the subject of Cohen's song 'So Long Marianne', passed away in Norway on July 29 2016.

Cohen's goodbye message reached her shortly beforehand; "Know that I am so close behind you that if you stretch out your hand, I think you can reach mine."

László Moholy-Nagy, (1895-1946)

collector daily review of Guggenheim exhibition