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Dazzled by words

after only two hours sleep nothing makes sense

OOO sign

Something at work broke today, so I thought I'd make an out of order sign.  This may be the most satisfying thing on a sheet of A4 I've ever produced.

I somehow resisted signing it or indicating a limited edition 1/1.

BMX parts (candy red), on wall

Flag 2

Flag with adjustable wrench

Jasper Johns: Flag, (1954-5)

MOMA: "One night I dreamed that I painted a large American flag,” Johns has said of this work, “and the next morning I got up and I went out and bought the materials to begin it.” Those materials included three canvases that he mounted on plywood, strips of newspaper, and encaustic paint—a mixture of pigment and molten wax that has formed a surface of lumps and smears. The newspaper scraps visible beneath the stripes and forty-eight stars lend this icon historical specificity."

my dress


BMX parts (candy red), on eBay

Schönberg: Opus 19, no. 6, (1911)

Yusuke Sakai: Salaryman Blues

Nan Goldin: Joey at Spaghetteria, New York City, (1990)

Thomas Struth: Museo del Prado, Room 12, Madrid, (2005)

Lee Friedlander: Nashville, Tennessee, (1963)

Pavel Pepperstein: Untitled, (2005)

Anthony Hernandez: Landscapes for the Homeless

Victor Borelli bookshop

Matthew Jensen and Doug Rickard: Surveying the Terrain

Daylight magazine interview

Lunar surface 1

Lunar surface 2

Norwegian Wood, (2011)

Reiko plays 'Norweigan Wood'

Raymond Meeks: Pretty Girls Wander, (2011)

Alex Prager: Crowd #2 (Emma), 2012

collectordaily Lot 273, Alex Prager, Crowd #2 (Emma), 2012, estimated at $20000-30000, sold at $75000

Robert Frank: Bar, Gallup, New Mexico (1955)

You get the impression that foreigner Robert Frank sensed he might be in a bit of trouble should the subject of this picture notice him taking it.

(collectordaily reported print sold for $245,000).

An uncredited picture of Robert Frank, New York, 1955.

Crash landing on the Moon

A bank holiday Monday is a free pass for tresspass so it was back to site B this afternoon for the second successive day, and by the time I got there the light was better, too. I still felt edgey though and even noticed after an hour and a half that I sort of hold my breath all the time, sort of breathing in a shallow way.  That's as well as constantly checking and adjusting the camera exposure, avoiding (more by luck) not stepping on anything pointy embedded in the ground that will go straight through the sole of my boot, not carelessly falling into a hole or when down in a hole not dislodging anything to cause it to collapse on to me, and, occasionally (probably not enough) keeping an eye out for someone turning uphaving been alerted to my presence - there's a lot of high-value plant around as well as much construction material as in a builder's merchants.  The sounds of police sirens approaching (and then passing) and the occasional inexplicable thump or thud in the vic…

shadow on contaminated groundwater

hole, easter monday 2015

shadow with houses scrunched up at the top of the picture

molten iron at the former foundry

Easter Sunday 2015

Not only was there unlikely to be anyone working at Site B today, making it less fraught to sneak in, but the significance of the day itself seemed timely for going and purposefully descending (into holes) as an alternative to ascending some where.

Lately the whole hole thing appeals very much, and the excavation works which had been extensive last time I went out there have become even more colossal.  There's been thousands of tons of earth and remnants of underground concrete structures pulled out, in preparation for new housing.

The usual methane-y smell was different today, almost sweet, sort of nice.  A white sky lingered for the first hour so everything was dull but the online forecast of some late afternoon sunshine was spot on and brought much needed contrast to a largely low contrast subject and also made it possible to insert a self-shadow.  The little WX60 copes much better in-camera stitching 42 megapixel panormics when the light is good, too.

Rushca's twentysixgas…


hole -easter sunday 2015