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balance (@ 2nd attempt)

pois polka à la plage

surface tension

your girl

natural colours

The Waves

dream of being lost

Douglas Gordon: Self-portrait of You + Me (Halle Berry), 2006

Medium: burnt photograph glued to mirror


fruit, ceramic, wood, paint, quarry tiles, plastic

brick, mortar, plaster, wood, paper, glass, emulsion, paint, carpet, shoes, clothing, cotton blind, string, metal, plastic beads, air, sunlight, me


waitress service

paint tin ensō

Fear of drowning

Thank you for swimming towards me


last year or the year before

last year or the year before

the impossibility of winter, on the longest day of the year


The same scene pictured moments apart from a slightly different point of view

Xavier Guardans: Windows

Daniel Goodchild

website - I saw these at the local Uni today and thought they were sensational, it was hard to believe they were in a degree show and not in a Cork Street gallery in London.  OK they are paintings and no-one but no-one does painting anymore (except maybe one other person I know) but these were, to use the expression of broadsheet art critics, 'totally awesome'.

two ducks

how hard can it be?

scissors. hem tape.  there's a mini dress in there waiting to get out.

um, good

Animal print dress

I haven't bought any 'girl' clothes for ages but I really would like an animal print dress like the one Tracey Thorn wears in the Massive Attack video for their collaborative effort 'Protection' - ooooh yeah, she looks terrific wearing it.  Over the last couple of months I've spent a totally huge rather a lot of time popping into all sorts of clothes shops/charity shops and looking online but so far there's only one thing I've spotted that is remotely similar (and it's not all that similar), which is on eBay with a few days to go. It's the wrong colour, length, pattern but hm...

Bike love

One of the most viewed news stories on the web this week was about somebody being arrested and charged for having sex with their bike. Turns out the story is from 2007. Who knows if there is much truth in it but hey, at the mo I can quite relate to bike-love, cos I just got a new bike. 

My last one fell to pieces when setting off at some traffic lights on the way to work last week. One moment the lights turned green and I pushed hard down on the pedals and the next there was a pile of scrap metal lying on the road where I expected to find a bicycle. I had a feeling I should have oiled it. 

After two days being a pedestrian I was manically ordering a new one despite being usually incredibly indecisive and can procrastinate for months over most decisions. Walking is hard work. It's like running flat out, I found. I collected my boxed Bilboa Vertigo from Tesco Express and carried it 100 yards across the road to the office.

Next day having almost recovered from carrying it across t…