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John Divola: Zuma #5, S. Ca. 1977

Liz Deschenes, Rates (Frames per Second), 2018


Lincoln Uni art/photo shows 2018

factory ~4300

Michael Northrup: Dream Away

factory cathedral

in a hole, etc.

hedge, previously

Dungeons and Dragons and dressing up

Richard Ansett

Baron Raimund von Stillfried: Samurai, (1881)

Gary Numan - Are 'Friends' Electric? 2018 The Old Grey Whistle Test - Fo...

step up

Mohammed Abed: Palestinians run for cover from tear gas, May 14, 2018

in-camera post photography



end wall

mushy peas and chips face

Pan fail pool


Idris Khan: Every Bernd and Hilla Becher Spherical Type Gasholder One panel triptych, 2003

Thomas Barrow, Cancellations (Brown) – Field Star, 1975

Bernd And Hilla Becher: Gasbehälter bei Wuppertal (Gas tank near Wuppertal), 1966

wire sky

framing objects in opposite directions


oil #2

oil #1

Factory record

The colour of nervousness

Wire and shadow.

Thomas Barrow: Cancellations, 2012