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factory steps

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Messages

OMD - The Messerschmitt Twins

Mohammed Abed: Palestinians run for cover from tear gas, May 14, 2018

in-camera post photography



end wall

mushy peas and chips face

Pan fail pool


Idris Khan: Every Bernd and Hilla Becher Spherical Type Gasholder One panel triptych, 2003

Thomas Barrow, Cancellations (Brown) – Field Star, 1975

Bernd And Hilla Becher: Gasbehälter bei Wuppertal (Gas tank near Wuppertal), 1966

wire sky

framing objects in opposite directions


oil #2

oil #1

Factory record

The colour of nervousness

Wire and shadow.

Thomas Barrow: Cancellations, 2012

Last poem, and Roland Leighton's military uniform, as described by Vera Brittain

The BBC Ministry of Truth

Lisa O'Neill: No Train to Cavan

Deborah Luster: Layla “Roach” Roberts (Inquisitor) from the series Passion Play, 2012-13


Kent Marshes

François Morellet

Gill Gathercole: Red Teapot, Cactus

Doug Aitken

Julian Charrière

photo art warehouse installation thing, (prev.)

clubbing, (prev.)

book assembly line, (prev.)

crash site, (prev.)

shadow #2, on post-industrial land

shadow #1, on former industrial site

PJ #2

PJ #1, (afternoon in winter)

DELAY TREES: Pause, (2012)

Lewis Baltz: Maryland, (1976)

Tonal values

Deborah Roberts: As I Am, (2017)

hedgerow, shadow #2

hedgerow, shadow #1


Carly Simon: Boys In The Trees

Bob Dylan: Shelter From The Storm

EBTG: Only Living Boy In New York

Wayne Thiebaud: Four Cupcakes, 1971

Wayne Thiebaud: Yosemite Ridge Line, 1975

Chris Dorland: Untitled, (Drift Upload), 2017

Barry Stone: Seconda Emerging, 2015