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i3 lecture with Anastasia Samoylova

from 2016, new build site

from 2017, mirror on wasteland

view from my window

Thomas Cole & Joel Sternfeld: Oxbow Archive, (1833) (2007)

Joe Sternfeld: Oxbow Archive, (2007)

Joe Deal: Albuquerque, (1975)

Richard Ansett: Girl pretending to be dead, from series ‘Bathers, UKR'

Richard Ansett: John standing in the garden, Secure Psychiatric Unit, Bethlem Hospital, UK, (2017)

Lewis Baltz: Gilroy, 1967

Excavator from above (uncredited)

It's a totally Lee Friedlander photograph

Erasure: Take A Chance On Me

X Men Days of Future Past; autopsy photographs

Thomas Hirschhorn: DE-PIXELIZATION