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pictures that may look like they are about something

I took a day off work and made it out to the airbase late morning with a terrific bright sky and a low sun sending streaking shadows across the ground. Over the last few Novembers I've tried to time it so as to be there when the leaves of the hedgerows that grow alongside the perimeter fence turn yellow, gold and red (the colours of burning). But it's a narrow window and mostly I don't quite time it right. In previous years bad weather has stripped the branches and the farmer who owns the adjoining land usually cuts back the hedges about now.

I got the exposure wrong on one frame today and soon afterwards cranked up the EV to burn out the rest of the frames to convey incandescence and by suggestion both the rending by explosive energy, and also of emotion. The over-exposure effect has been used by other photographers, such as Paul Graham, intimating the failure to see social injustice as a kind of cataract-impaired vision. As it turned out the bleached out pictures I took didn't work, turned out the images just looked vague and objects came out as wishy-washy rather than stark and turned to ashes. On the other hand one or two had a bony contortedness, though, suggestive to me of pain, of writhing.