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Sergio Larrain: Fishermen's daughters in the village of Los Horcones, Chile, 1956

David George: The Broken Pastoral

Ralph Eugene Meatyard, (1925–1972)

Aneta Bartos: Red, (4 Sale series)

Aneta Bartos: Chicken, 2016


Post-industrial landscapes #2

Post-industrial landscapes #1

André França, from the series Vanishing

Elinor Carucci, Mother puts on my lipstick, 1993, from Closer

on and over the ground


site d

Old industrial landscapes in Lincoln, England

Thinking of Lewis Baltz

Thinking of John Divola

hedgerows: line

hedgerows: leaves and grasses

hedgerows: clouds

hedgerows: nettles

English hedgerows at the end of summer