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National Gallery

Photographers' Gallery

Georg Baselitz: Ciao America II and III, 1988

Andrea Bowers in collaboration with Ada Tinnell: Trans Liberation: Building a Movement, 2016

Chris Shaw: Horizon Icons, 2015

Asia Piecyk: Light

Delay Trees: Pause

display, spaces

spaces, display




Asia Piecyk

from ground level


2 verticals



Charles Marville: The America Quarries,between the Boulevard Serrurier and the rue de Mexico, (before 1877)

red carded

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Amantine Dupin

Michael Spano

Sandra Weiner: East 26th Street, 1948

Mark Steinmetz: Carey, Farmington, Georgia, 1996

Michael Spano: Under the Boardwalk, Coney Island, 1980

John Ogden: Central Australia, Northern Territory, 1984

Simen Johan: Untitled #67 (from the series And Nothing was to be Trusted), 1998

Mary Ellen Mark: Child on bed, 1969

Wayne Miller: Untitled (father and son on beach), 1946-47

Germaine Krull: Clochard, c.1928

Bruce Davidson: The Gang, 1959

Alice Attie: Untitled (Boy in Mask)

Malick Sidibe: Surprise Party, 1964

Mouna Karray: Nobody Will Talk About Us

Andres Serrano interview, November 7th, 2015

Lynn Saville: Dark City, 2015

Colin Stearns: Meridian, 2015

Toilet facilities and the law

Gender identity clinic for young people sees referrals double

Saul Leiter: Andy Warhol and his Mother, 1950

exterior, with fence

right side


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