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Carrie Fisher's face

The Myth of the U.N. Creation of Israel: Jeremy R. Hammond

Palestine and the UN vote

English Landscape in the Autumn

1918-2016 war with Russia

Banner for Gen. Stoltenberg

Bob Dylan plays for a fan

A photo of a corner, in a corner, (from gig photos era)

Annie Collette, (gig photos)

Richard Estes: Hotel Empire, 1987

Lucas Blalock: Scenario for Barter, 2011

Heloise Letissier

Fiona Apple: Across the Universe

Stoltenberg banner

Stoltenberg, in red, white. blue and black

Stoltenberg, black and red

site B, new build houses through trees

earthworks, from below


wall, fences

Site B: sky

Nato, (inverted red and black)

Nato, red and black

Nato. (font: Tannenberg Fett)

Linda Ronstadt: The River, (by Joni Mitchell)

Martha Rosler: Runway, from the series House Beautiful: Bringing the War Home, (c. 1967–1972)

Photograph of Robert T. Lincoln, (c.1865) and Edwin T. Booth (c.1879)

Blood afterwards

Hedgerow after cutting

Site C:the war landscape hedgerows, again.

Ralph Eugene Meatyard

Cranston Ritchie: Ground Ties, (c. 1956-61)

'Run Silent, Run Deep', (1958)


Replay: Aug 2012

the battlefront

'and then the angels forget to pray for us' (Leonard Cohen)

After the war

Site C: Sunday 13th November 2016

Alison Rossiter

Viktoria Binschtok: Orange Wings

Jeff Buckley: Hallelujah, (Leonard Cohen)

John Cale - Shrek: Hallelujah, (Leonard Cohen)

Lana Del Ray: Chelsea Hotel No. 2, (Leonard Cohen)

Nina Simone: Suzanne, (Leonard Cohen)

Leonard Cohen: Dance Me to the End of Love

Tomas van Houtryve: Blue Sky Days @Anastasia Photo

Cody's Lab: Mining Platinum From the Side of the Road, 2016

The Smiths: Ask

Local war landscape

Paul Nash: Landscape of the Vernal Equinox, 1943

Very Close Proximity, and yellow leaves

Site C, Pollock, and the convention of having the sky at the top of the picture

Life at Forest Fields/Hyson Green, Nottingham, 1980s

site A, passing by