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fence site b, #3

fence site b, #2

fence site b, #1

post-infrared view of english landscape

landscape at the airbase

Bid Jones: Joshua Compston, 1994

David Hockney: Garrowby Hill, 1998

David Hockney: A Bigger Grand Canyon, 1998, (National Gallery of Australia)

David Hockney: Ponder Hall (‘Thrushcross Grange’), Howarth, Yorkshire, 1983

Lieko Shiga:

English afternoon

Joe Deal: Colton, California, 1978

John Riddy: Peninsula (Silvermine 2), 2015

earth work


Memento tree

Corner of site B

Lucas Foglia: Alex running home from school, Afton, Wyoming, (2009)

Diego Mendoza Imbachi: Graphis – Loggia

Uncertain States 2015

Unknown photographer:


Juul Kraijer: Penumbrae

Cornelia Hediger: 01.22.09, from Doppelganger II series (2009)

Yola Monakhov: The Most General Fact, (2012)

Alexander Mendelevich

Pablo Piovano:

uneasy pictures


back at site C

an autumn afternoon

bird (approaching site C)

English hedgerow in autumn

Things viewed when kneeling on the ground

Site C

Open field, distant hedgerow

Landscape photography

Hedgerows of England, (Site C, war operations centre)

Richard Avedon: Lee Friedlander, 2002


creased sky

before levelling

Lee Friedlander (on the right)

Lee and Maria Friedlander

Yesterday's sunshine today


cross section