The easy way in

Just in case there was an easier way than the place I usually sneak in I walked 50 yards further along the site B fence this afternoon, and an easy-in was found.  So easy it hardly seemed any point in hurrying up and over the embankment (lower at this point, too) to get out of sight of passersby. Anyone could walk in.

I soon almost walked into two workmen (or people who were at work doing something in there, but I was not entirely sure they were meant to be there, either) and so didn't spend long taking pictures anyway, just in case.

If I was a painter I'd be starting out every time with tubes of black and white paint (to make shades of gray) and a blue for the sky every time I make pictures.  It's not just the subject that's limiting, it's not all that much to look at 'of itself'.  (I usually remind myself 'limiting' might be the best strategy in the long term.)

I was soon making my way back out, though, hardly having managed anything to be hopeful about so dawdled for half an hour doing more at the overgrown embankment between the site and the outer fence at the new easy-in.  It was pretty arid ground yet overgrown, it might be a slip road one day.  It made me think of Joe Deal and how he had visited places like this with his camera.  It was good to feel his presence.