Easter Sunday 2015

Not only was there unlikely to be anyone working at Site B today, making it less fraught to sneak in, but the significance of the day itself seemed timely for going and purposefully descending (into holes) as an alternative to ascending some where.

Lately the whole hole thing appeals very much, and the excavation works which had been extensive last time I went out there have become even more colossal.  There's been thousands of tons of earth and remnants of underground concrete structures pulled out, in preparation for new housing.

The usual methane-y smell was different today, almost sweet, sort of nice.  A white sky lingered for the first hour so everything was dull but the online forecast of some late afternoon sunshine was spot on and brought much needed contrast to a largely low contrast subject and also made it possible to insert a self-shadow.  The little WX60 copes much better in-camera stitching 42 megapixel panormics when the light is good, too.

Rushca's twentysixgasolinestations (1963) was originally not read as having any religious significance but was embraced for its super banality and lo-fi book presentation.  I'm wondering how he felt about the intent (echoing the 'stations of the cross') having been pretty much overlooked . Seems like the reference was a loose fit, and personal, he didn't feel the need to insist to anyone about it.