Personal growth

The little front gardens of the five other houses on this little strip of terrace overlooking the river are all perfectly respectable, mine is not - and it's maybe only 20' by 15'. It's a bit of a state, in fact. So today I went and got 200 plant bulbs and found a cannister of wild flower seeds they do. So, unless I muck it up (quite likely) this little space could end up being fairly awesometacular. As for the cannister thing - last summer riding home (to the previous address) I used to cycle past a courtyard where someone must have sprinkled a similar container of these wild flower seeds around the base of a tree and they were absolutely one of the brilliantest best things about last year, or any other year. They were unequivocably a wonderful thing, in a total kind of way, and there's not many things in life that are like that. Most amazing things are a mixed bag (part joy, part despair), but wild flowers, no, they are simply the world giving one of its best things for free, no strings attached. Right up there with the other best things, the sky, and birdsong.