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Melvin Edwards: Begin Again (Lynch Fragment), 1979

Mel Chin: HOME y SEW 9, (1994)

Wendy Ewald: Amal, 2013

Jan Groover (1943-2012)

Alex Prager by Martin Savenije

Personal growth

New clothes

contortion distortion

configure this

this is your room


what you gave away

Deb Lowe

the big E

sierra nevada mountains by moonlight in my bedroom on a saturday afternoon

partially open closet door

leaves against dark water

Valentine's Day, 2015

Nina Simone: 'Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues' (Bob Dylan)

Abelardo Morrell: Tent Camera Image on Ground: View of the Golden Gate Bridge from Battery Yates, 2012

Peter Oakley: Stack 1, White Marble, 2011

Dan Witz: Vision of Disorder, Frieze Triptych, 2013

Alec Soth: Dave and Trish, Denver, Colorado, 2013

Alec Soth: Bill, Antlers, Oklahoma, 2014


Liz Nielsen: Wonderland

Joseph Nicéphore Niépce : 1826 or 1827

Ori Gersht: On Reflection, Fusion, 2014

Ori Gersht: Hiroshima Sleepless Nights: Never Again 02, 2010


splintering sun

the radio goes here

home-making choices

past and future lives


Carla van de Puttelaar: Untitled, 2001

George Tice: Petit's Mobil Station, 1974

Robert Frank: Chicago, 1962

Thierry Cohen: Binary Kid 1, 2006-2007

Thierry Cohen: Darkened Cities; Rio de Janeiro 22° 56' 42'' S 2011-06-04 Lst 12:34

Philip Jones Griffiths: Recollections