Setting up

I replaced two ink cartridges even though they were full and only opened recently they had been stored for over a year, and today went to get fresh paper as that was the same story, too. I know, I know, a whole lot of fuss for an absurd legacy project (to myself).  I'm on some kind of auto here.

I got two 250 page packs of matching HP paper but an extremely helpful till asst.dragged me over to where it was half the price for a ream - 'and it's exactly the same paper'.  I checked the specs - while all the people who had been behind me in the queue glowered thoughtfully in my direction.  The specs indeed were exactly the same.  I got it home and compared to the old paper... which was smoother and white and so on auto made Trip 2.

Astonishingly the set up is up and running (at the mo, at least).  100 pages printed today.  My floor is covered in sheets of drying paper.