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balance (@ 2nd attempt)

pois polka à la plage

surface tension

your girl

natural colours

The Waves

dream of being lost

Douglas Gordon: Self-portrait of You + Me (Halle Berry), 2006


fruit, ceramic, wood, paint, quarry tiles, plastic

brick, mortar, plaster, wood, paper, glass, emulsion, paint, carpet, shoes, clothing, cotton blind, string, metal, plastic beads, air, sunlight, me


waitress service

paint tin ensō

Fear of drowning


last year or the year before

last year or the year before

the impossibility of winter, on the longest day of the year


The same scene pictured moments apart from a slightly different point of view

Xavier Guardans: Windows

Daniel Goodchild

two ducks

how hard can it be?

um, good

Animal print dress

Bike love