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Velvet Underground: What Goes On

Lou Reed: Coney Island Baby

Lou Reed: Street Hassle

Velvet Underground: Pale Blue Eyes

Velvet Undergound: Jesus

Paris Lees - trans campaigner



John Divola: As Far As I Could Get

Robert Adams: Summer Nights Walking

Mike Starn & Doug Starn: Yellow Seascape with Film and Wood Blocks (1988-1989)

The Paper Kites: Young

John Divola: Dogs Chasing My Car in the Desert (1996-2001)

Bruce Springsteen and Robert Frank

Yellow face moon, and golfer

9mm MDF

Primark: PU AND CHIFFON dress (2013)

Grayson Perry: BBC radio 4

Gesture: 2012


Kennard & Phillipps:

Tom Hunter: The Way Home (2009)

John Goto: Kafka in America (Harbour)

Julie Cockburn: Little One/Daydreamer

Francisco Gomez de Villaboa: Made in Toledo

Federica Landi: (work in progress)


Above you: October 17th, 2013



Steve Huff: camera review, 2013

rectangles at B&Q

Chris Burden: Extreme Measures

Andy Hendriksen: camera review, 2012

Sky about to rain

Spencer Murphy: Anonymous Gainer, 2010

Grayson Perry:

Mickey Smith:

Nick Brandt: Portrait of Elephant on Bare Earth, Ambosoli, 2011

Peter Beard: Elephant Embryo, Tsavo, (1963)

John Sadovy (1928-2013): Assassination of Secret Police (1956)

The Boxer: Simon & Garfunkel

The Boxer: Orlando Cruz

Edward Weston, and photographs

Old photographs

Sonya Noskowiak: 25 November 1900 - 28 April 1975