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6.15 am

Anthony Hernandez: Waiting, Sitting, Fishing

Bill Burke: Reverend Robert Elkns and Niece (1979)

Lars Tunbjörk: L.A. OFFICE

Stephen Shore: The Hudson Valley (2011)


in a corner on a sunny day

small lunar eclipses

edge of town

New Homes

Lucas Blalock: showing photographs to his friends



Wikileaks Bradley/Chelsea Manning's intention to change gender in the news today

Minor White: Black Sun (1955)

While you were sleeping (Full Moon)

Frank Gohlke: Grain Elevator

Interior #2

Interior #1

Nottingham Open 2013 submission

Tired Pony: Dead American Writers

fan of de stael

exhausted butterfly and unused crayons

Melissa Ann Pinney: from the TWO series

butterfly #3, #4

with butterfly, #2

various incarnations (with butterfly)

next to a painting


: D


Amanda Jasnowski