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Thieves like us

After using google satellite views to investigate a place to explore today I dressed for winter and unexpectedly it was a summer's day.  After six hours wandering around my clothes were soaked, and not from falling into ditches (managed to ford three today without slip up, including one using the pole-vault method).  I was gonna take some photos of trees at a swampy woodland I thought I could get to but also try and find an entry point into a scrap metal yard - that proved really tough work but I found a way in eventually (admittedly thanks to some thieving that's been going on - skinny thieves judging by the gap that had been formed between metal fence bars).  Work had just finished there (I had heard crashing sounds all afternoon) and there was CCTV, but at least there was no guard dog roaming around.  I'm surprised the shots aren't blurry (maybe they would be better if they were) as although I had VR on there was a fair bit of shake.

Then home to make soup.