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It's October 17th and being a worldwide day of remembrance and an international holiday I had the day off work like everyone else. Before setting off uphill to drop off flowers I cycled along the riverside pathway and detoured to take some photos at the gate. The excavator operator walking away in this pic had just showed me a vintage black and white photo on his phone of the road leading off this site here that he had found online. It was what looked like an early 20th century era image of a small locomotive pulling a series of flatcars loaded with tanks. He said the narrow guage rails they were travelling on were still in place but had been tarmac'd over. I knew 2700 aircraft had been built here during WWI but I didn't know tanks had ever been made here.

View from the gate

The Seal Cub Clubbing Club - Aurienteering

Dmitry Markov: from 'Draft', published 2018

collectordaily daybook and Guardian article

sixth fence

I cycled to photograph this row of security fences four times yesterday and, between down-pours, twice more today. Looking at the pictures on my eMac at home each time immediately afterwards I was again and again trying to figure out the best way of going about it to get a better result. With these last two I was hoping ten hours of rain would have made the earth embankment behind the fences a darker tone.

Most times the sky has been a typical bare, north european sky in October, almost monotone.

The compulsion to keep going back seemed familiar, it was the same sort of anguish to push on from years ago, disregarding endless doubts just to get something done, whether it was absurd or not.

There is a row of little houses not far off one end of this site and anyone there noticing me must have been increasingly concerned, what with my constant coming and goings.  Feeling observed doesn't help with taking enough time to hold the camera straight for 32 pictures going one way, then 32 …

Jens Olof Lasthein: Home Among Black Hills

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