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Chris Killip and Tony Ray-Jones

Killip photos 1981-84, Ray-Jones c. 1667

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industrial storage tanks through trees

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Things that shook

This former chemical factory is slowly being pulled down. It's the one post-industrial location I previously found the guts to take pictures of myself in. A big, desolate space, feeling scared of being chanced upon at any moment. Windy weather constantly lifted a big corrugated metal sheet suspended over the frontage, and each time it fell back it sent a thunderous boom reverberating through the whole building. If I wasn't shaking enough already.


The tall brick frontage of this former factory site is pretty much all that remains from demolition work over the last few months. That and the metalwork structure visible in the foreground. The remaining footings going off into the distance give an idea of the depth of the building that once stood there. The piece still in place may have been left standing to help ensure the brick frontage doesn't collapse in high winds. A tennis ball sized hole in a piece of board that had been nailed up was just sufficient to put a small camera through, otherwise from outside in the street the building still looks completely intact.