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Something I learned from the Trent Polytechnic photo course is that you have to go back. Doing one shoot somewhere and thinking your done is not enough. Ego, laziness, maybe a bit of neurotic anxiety, all excuses. Admittedly it is a pain. So, despite feeling very fed up at the prospect. I went back to site D this afternoon, more than half hoping I'd accidentally drop the mirror en route, which was precariously tied with a bit of string slung over my shoulder while riding my bicycle.

My original intention had been to wait for blue skies but cloudy white ones have worked out better, filling out the frame as an area of white paper. So it was a good day for more white surrounds, and the rain held off today, just spots. Yesterday it had been chucking it down on and off and at times had been torrential. I'd spent 45 mins pressed into a loading bay concertina doorway in a futile attempt to find shelter for the camera, mirror and me, (in that order).  The kit had stayed relatively dr…

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